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It’s no secret that the two-party political system is killing the United States (and perhaps the planet). Even the relatively few voters who are intelligent and really understand politics can’t make a good choice if there are only two candidates to choose from. Voting for the lesser of evils has thus become a tradition, and the lesser evil is becoming ever harder to distinguish from the Anti-Christ.

The obvious solution is to either give some political party other than the Democratic or Republican parties a jump start or create a new party.

The problem with virtually all political parties in the U.S. is that they’ve been infiltrated and taken over by corrupt entities. (A similar fate has befallen labor unions and many other institutions.)

I’m a huge fan of socialism, and I consider the environment the #1 issue. Therfore, I should support the Green Party or some socialist party. But Ralph Nader — a prominent example of controlled opposition — was associated with the Green Party. One of the chieftains of the Green Party of Seattle was (and perhaps still is) Brita Butler-Wall, a truly disgusting corporate whore who distinguished herself by screwing children while serving as a member of the Seattle School Board. In fact, I ran against her, but the corporate media and business interests threw all their weight behind her.

As I write this, there’s a woman on the Seattle City Council, Kshama Sawant, who calls herself a socialist. She’s from India, and her husband works for Microsoft. If it sounds like she was hand-picked by Bill Gates, she probably was.

And why do socialist parties almost always give us such lame candidates and give them such lame support? It almost seems like their goal is to not accomplish anything.

Thus, we wind up back at square one, trying to figure out how the Hell one creates a new political party. In fact, I’ve never found instructions for creating a political party, so one day I decided to just jump in and do it.

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