Fifth Republic Party Issues

This page is under construction. In the meantime, let me give you a brief overview.

There are so many urgent global issues that are crying out for attention! Corruption at every level is rampant, and we face the prospect of endless war even as the environment withers under a lethal combination of population growth, pollution, nuclear radiation and global warming.

The Fifth Republic’s primary issues can be grouped into five general categories.


Strategically speaking, this is the most important issue. For we can’t end war or fight global warming until we’ve taken power away from the arrogant and corrupt entities that currently rule the U.S. and, to a large extent, the entire world.

There can be no reform or justice without accountability, which is a major emphasis of the Fifth Republic Party’s platform.

Very briefly, if bank robbers and murderes should serve time in prison, then politicians and media whores who engineer economic chaos and wars should be appropriately punished as well.

For George W. Bush, Obama, probably every member of Congress and Bill Gates, nothing less than the maximum punishment allowed by law would be suitable. So it boils down to your views regarding capital punishment. They should either be executed sentenced to life in prison.

People who play a lesser role in the corporate crime wave that has ruined so many lives should also be punished. A major emphasis should be placed on garnishing their assets and giving it back to the citizens from whom it was stolen.

The Fifth Republic Party also advocates abolishing “corporate personhood.” Obscene CEO salaries must be reduced, and corporations must pay their fair share of taxes.

In crude terms, I advocate a Robin Hood-like style of justice, stealing from the rich and corrupt and giving back to the poor.

The Fifth Republic Party also focuses on Jewarchism — corruption in the Jewish community. The U.S. should stop giving money to Israel, an illegitimate terrorist state. People with dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship should not be allowed to serve in office. Jewish control of the economy, the media and the Internet also needs to be fought.


The military-industrial complex has transformed into a seemingly unstoppable nightmare.

Wars are justified primarily by the need for self-defense, and there isn’t a single country in the world that poses a credible threat to the U.S.

This problem can be remedied largely by slashing the military budget. The U.S. should also abandon most of its military bases outside the U.S. In particular, the Guantanamo Bay facility in Cuba should be surrendered to Cuba.


As a former public school teacher in liberal Seattle, I’ve seen and experienced the horrors of modern public education in the U.S. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Americans are brainwashed from birth by an endless tidal wave of propaganda and manipulation. The term “dumb down” is very appropriate, as Americans have become famous for their astonishing ignorance and stupidity.

The Fifth Republic Party champions booting corporate interests out of public education and opposes charter schools, which are supported in Washington State by de facto criminals Bill Gates and Paul Allen.


The Fifth Republic Party opposes the free market capitalism that characterizes the U.S. today. We should migrate towards a more socialistic economy, e.g. the so-called mixed economy that has become so popular in Latin America.


We can and must fight global warming. Citizens should have more information about nuclear waste and radiation, particularly in relation to Hanford and Fukushima, Japan.

Foods containing genetically modified food (GMO) should be labeled. However, our primary effort should be outlawing GMO entirely.