Fifth Republic Party Issues

This page is under construction. In the meantime, let me give you a brief overview.

There are so many urgent global issues that are crying out for attention! Corruption at every level is rampant, and we face the prospect of endless war even as the environment withers under a lethal combination of population growth, pollution, nuclear radiation and global warming.

The Fifth Republic’s primary issues can be grouped into five general categories.

Corruption/Accountability ˆ

Strategically speaking, this is the most important issue. For we can’t end war or fight global warming until we’ve taken power away from the arrogant and corrupt entities that currently rule the U.S. and, to a large extent, the entire world.

There can be no reform or justice without accountability, which is a major emphasis of the Fifth Republic Party’s platform.

Very briefly, if bank robbers and murderes should serve time in prison, then politicians and media whores who engineer economic chaos and wars should be appropriately punished as well.

For George W. Bush, Obama, probably every member of Congress and Bill Gates, nothing less than the maximum punishment allowed by law would be suitable. So it boils down to your views regarding capital punishment. They should either be executed or sentenced to life in prison.

People who play a lesser role in the corporate crime wave that has ruined so many lives should also be punished. A major emphasis should be placed on garnishing their assets and giving it back to the citizens from whom it was stolen.

The Fifth Republic Party also advocates abolishing “corporate personhood.” Obscene CEO salaries must be reduced, and corporations must pay their fair share of taxes.

In crude terms, I advocate a Robin Hood-like style of justice, stealing from the rich and corrupt and giving back to the poor.

The Fifth Republic Party also focuses on Jewarchism — corruption in the Jewish community. The U.S. should stop giving money to Israel, an illegitimate terrorist state. People with dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship should not be allowed to serve in office. Jewish control of the economy, the media and the Internet also needs to be fought.

Jewarchy ˆ

Since I coined the word “Jewarchy,” it’s hardly surprising that I should have something to say about it. In fact, I have rapidly evolved into America’s foremost spokesman regarding Jewish corruption. There are other voices crying in the wilderness, but most of them are actually working for the Jews. I am not a NeoNazi, an anti-Semite, or a right-winger.

The foundation of my crusade is education, and you can get a peek at some of the many books about Jews I’m working on at

The magnitude, breadth, and diversity of Jewish corruption (Jewarchy) is so breath-taking, it’s hard to figure out where to start in bringing it under control. I think Adolf Hitler had the right idea when he began 1) taking power away from the Jews who were exploiting Germany, and 2) educating the public about Jewarchy. If I had the power, I would start by removing all Jews from government, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen. I would also get rid of vice pResident Kamala Harris, who is married to a Jew. I would give pResident “Jew” Biden the axe because he’s just another pawn for the Jews.

Our national debt must be erased, and the only way to do that is to dramatically curb corruption and military spending. The Federal Reserve should be abolished at the same time.

We must stop giving aid to Israel, which is an enemy, not an ally. In fact, I do not recognize Israel as a legitimate state, and I favor working for its dissolution.

There are many illegal, unethical, or immoral institutions that are largely controlled by Jews (many of them virtually invented by Jews), including gambling, pornography, prostitution, drugs, and leveraged buyouts. All of these should be eliminated.

The Sackler family (of opioid fame), needs to be brought to justice. Every family member who sits on Purdue Pharma’s board of directors or is in any other way associated with corruption should be stripped of all their assets and sentenced to life in prison, if not executed.

Jews must also be stripped of their power in the corporate sector and the media. One of my primary targets would be Google and the social media, most of which are controlled, if not owned, by Jews.

At the same time, I would work to counter Jewish propaganda. I would openly question the mainstream HolocaustJM account, teaching American students about the American Holocaust instead.

I also encourage U.S. citizens across America to start spying on the Jews who are spying on all of us 24/7. Find out what Jewish power brokers live in your neighborhood and try to figure out how they operate and how they screw the community. Make sure you get their home addresses and the names of their relatives, friends, and business/crime associates.

War ˆ

The military-industrial complex has transformed into a seemingly unstoppable nightmare.

Wars are justified primarily by the need for self-defense, and there isn’t a single country in the world that poses a credible threat to the U.S.

This problem can be remedied largely by slashing the military budget. The U.S. should also abandon most of its military bases outside the U.S. In particular, the Guantanamo Bay facility in Cuba should be surrendered to Cuba.

China ˆ

Team USA’s China policy is counter-productive, destructive, and downright wacko. No country is perfect, but China is not the monster described by Western politicians and media whores. While the U.S. bombs countries into oblivion, China builds roads, bridges, and ports.

China has also breathed innovation into the high-tech arena, which has for far too long been dominated by Bill Gates and Google. One of the best moves of my life was upgrading from a PC running on Mickeysoft Windows to a Mac. Now I look forward to one day upgrading to a Chinese computer completely divorces from American crapware and spyware, similar to my Huawei smartphone.

I’m in favor ending the trade war, including the chip war—both of which are hurting countries around the world—and welcoming China as a friend and partner.

I’m also in favor of butting out of the Taiwan debate. I have nothing against the Taiwanese people, and it would be wonderful if they could be left alone. However, Taiwan is a part of China, and reunification is vital for China’s defense.

There is one far-fetched compromise I might propose, though it would never be accepted in a million years . . . Imagine if China granted Taiwan its independence on condition that the U.S. do the same with Hawaii. Another condition is that no U.S. or Chinese military bases can be built in Taiwan or Hawaii. In addition, all Hawaiian residents should leave except for native Hawaiians.

I suspect Chinese leaders might actually ponder such a proposal at least briefly, but U.S. leaders would laugh themselves hoarse.

Education ˆ

As a former public school teacher in liberal Seattle, I’ve seen and experienced the horrors of modern public education in the U.S. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Americans are brainwashed from birth by an endless tidal wave of propaganda and manipulation. The term “dumb down” is very appropriate, as Americans have become famous for their astonishing ignorance and stupidity.

The Fifth Republic Party champions booting corporate interests out of public education and opposes charter schools, which are supported in Washington State by de facto criminals Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

Economy ˆ

The Fifth Republic Party opposes the free market capitalism that characterizes the U.S. today. We should migrate towards a more socialistic economy, e.g. the so-called mixed economy that has become so popular in Latin America.

Environment ˆ

We can and must fight global warming. Citizens should have more information about nuclear waste and radiation, particularly in relation to Hanford and Fukushima, Japan.

Foods containing genetically modified food (GMO) should be labeled. However, our primary effort should be outlawing GMO entirely.