About the 5th Republic Party

The Fifth Republic Party is a political party formed by Seattle-based activist David Blomstrom.

The party takes a strong stand against socio-political corruption and human rights abuses. It is especially unique in its opposition to Jewarchy (corruption in the Jewish community, including Zionism). Environmental protection is also a major issue.

A Brief History

When I was young, I misinterpreted the word indivisible in the Pledge of Allegiance as invisible. In other words, I thought we lived in an invisible republic, whatever that means.

The term invisible republic took on a potent new meaning in Edward Abbey’s classic Desert Solitaire, which, along with Sand County Almanac, served as one of my Bible’s when I was in college.

I rediscovered Abbey’s invisible republic years later, after my political awakening. For me, the term suggested an underground rebellion, a brewing revolution or a shadow government. I now have a website at www.invisiblerepublic.org.

But Invisible Republic didn’t seem like the best name for a political party. Nevertheless, it was an idea I couldnt’t let go of.

One day I had a revelation: What is the goal of any revolution or shadow government?

Something different and better. And once your dream becomes a reality, your shadow government is no longer invisible. It’s the new power. But what should we call this whimsical political utopia so many people dream of?

If the U.S. was utterly destroyed, we could give whatever takes its place a completely new name. There is indeed much in the U.S. that needs to be destroyed, but I’m more interested in reform than creating an entirely new nation. In this spirit, the invisible republic we yearn for might be seen as a reincarnation of the United States. And it wouldn’t be the first makeover the U.S. has received.

Five Republics

There’s an enormous difference between 21st century America and the new nation that was born in the late 18th century. The event that best separates the modern U.S. from the original thirteen states is probably the Civil War.

The war between the Union and the Confederacy was a bloody conflict that changed the country in several major respects. The South was shattered, and slavery was abolished.

The Civil War era is also remembered for a tremendous increase in immigration, technology and industry. The rise of powerful corporations can be largely traced to this time period.

When they explored the vast western wilderness in the early 19th century, Lewis and Clark referred to their mother country as “these united states.” The Civil War hammered a sleepy republic into a more crowded and technologically advanced nation with a much stronger federal government.

The year 1898 arguably marks the beginning of a third era as the Spanish American War and the annexation of Hawaii turned the U.S. into an empire with overseas possessions. The U.S. was on its way to becoming a global empire.

5 Stages of U.S. History
  Event Date
1st Republic Revolutionary War 1775–83
2nd Republic Civil War 1861-65
3rd Republic Spanish American War 1898
4th Republic 9/11 2001
5th Republic

Depending on one’s perspective, it could be argued that the U.S. entered a fourth major phase sometime during the 20th century.

Technological advances alone have made the world a very different place, with the very rate of change accelerating. Yet the changes aren’t all positive, as global population, human rights abuses and corruption all seem out of control.

Today, huge multi-national corporations have more power than many countries. At the same, national borders are being erased by various international organizations and agreements, including trade blocs, as the entire world appears on the verge of being assimilated by a “new world order,” likely controlled by Jewarchists.

Yet another major difference is the global assault on the environment. Global warming, fracking and nuclear radiation are among the issues few people could have even imagined before World War II.

The event that perhaps best defines the beginning of the 4th Republic is the 9/11 terrorist attack, which was a prelude to a seemingly endless (and bogus) war on terror.

Birth of the 5th Republic Party

Urban Dictionary published a definition of invisible republic that I submitted in 2007.

I can’t remember offhand when the Fifth Republic Party was born, but it was sometime after 1995. I’ve run for office as a member of the Fifth Republic Party several times. However, the offices I ran for up until 2012 were all non-partisan, so the Fifth Republic didn’t receive much publicity.

In reality, the Fifth Republic Party has been little more than a sketchy dream, backed by an undeveloped website. Not until May 2016 did I finally find time to start filling in some of the blanks and upgrade the website.

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