Symbols of the 5th Republic Party

I’ve designed several symbols to represent the Fifth Republic Party.

Original Fifth Republic Logo

The original logo features a numeral five and a letter V, representing both the Roman numeral five and victory.

The primary current logo features a clenched fist framed by a red letter V, in turn framed by a circular seal.

Fifth Republic Logo

The top half of the seal’s perimiter is blue and bears the words “5th Republic.” The bottom half is green and bears the words “Viva la revolucion!” (“Long live the revolution” in Spanish).

The colors blue and green represent Earth, also known as Gaia — a living planet. Green, in particular, is a popular symbol of the environment and the environmental movement. In the center of the circle is a stylized sun, representing both energy and awakening. The latter is a reference to the growing awareness of both the environment and rampant corruption and conspiracy. (The Fifth Republic Party is not associated with the Global Awakening religion, however.)

The clenched fist, combined with the sun, represents power, defiance and solidarity. The red V represents the Roman numeral five and victory.

The motto at the bottom of the seal is a reminder that the revolution — the struggle for freedom, human rights and environmental protection — is a continuing process that can never end. The Spanish translation is a reminder that the U.S. is a multicultural nation, much of it stolen from Spain and Mexico. It’s also a tribute to the countless Latin American patriots and revolutionaries who have stood up to “Yankee imperialism.”

An animated version of the logo also features the reverse side of the design, which replaces the sun, V and fist with a light bulb, representing knowledge and wisdom, the ultimate source of power and justice.

A whimsical 5th Republic flag features the fist and V on a white field (background).

Fifth Republic Flag